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In this session we will be giving current Artist users the chance to learn more about special features that exist for more complicated use-cases.

Just creating audio crosspoints, and static conferences is great for many situations and is often everything that a client requires. There are, however, other situations which need more advanced intercom features such as temporary block-changes to a system, scheduling etc. Our intercom guru, Peter Siebert will take you through these functions and more!

We are targeting this session at Freelancers, and in-house comms engineers, however if you have the necessary prerequisites as described below you are very welcome!

The session will start at 11:00 CEST (UTC+1) // 10:00 UK (UTC)


If you are relatively new to the intercom world, this course will probably very quickly start going over your head. If this is you, we have a number of beginner courses available where we would love to start guiding you through Artist systems - please sign up there!

As this session will be dealing with more advanced functions in Artist, before signing up participants should be comfortable with:

  • Director software
  • Conferences
  • Groups
  • Digital audio
  • IFBs


Start: 10 March 2021
End: 10 March 2021
Riedel Communications

RIEDEL Communications GmbH & Co. KG, Uellendahler Straße, Wuppertal, Germany

Uellendahler Straße 353
42109 Wuppertal NRW


Peter Siebert

Senior Systems Consultant
Riedel Communications
Peter Siebert
  • Peter Siebert
    What do you enjoy most about training?
    Meeting interesting people from all over the world.

    How long have you been giving training courses?
    Since 2002, all over the world

    In which languages can you give training?
    English and German

    What is your favourite kind of coffee?
    Latte macchiato

    Cat or dog?
    Both, but my cat allergy narrows it down to the dog.
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