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This presentation will be held online via the Microsoft Teams Platform on Tuesday March 16th @ 10 AM PDT

The migration to IP poises many new challenges for Audio and Video engineers. We are now required to have a working knowledge of the network infrastructure and know how to troubleshoot and diagnose issues as they arise.

In this presentation you will learn how to troubleshoot A/VoIP and ST-SMPTE 2110 systems with regard to proper PTP implementation and Multicast flows using some of the following tools:
  • PTP Trackhound
  • Wireshark
  • Angry IP Scanner

There will be time for Q&A at the end of the session.

Understanding of the OSI model and a completion of the IP overview classes from previous months.  

This can also be an informative class for anyone that has exposure to IP infrastructures who are learning to gain more knowledge into troubleshooting your 2110 Network


Start: 16 March 2021
End: 16 March 2021
Riedel Communications

Riedel Communications Inc, Rye Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA, USA

Rye Canyon Road 25702
91355 Santa Clarita CA
United States


Stephen Remich

System Consultant
Riedel Communications
Stephen Remich
  • Stephen Remich
    What do you enjoy most about training?
    I love to share what I’ve been able to learn. I love to learn new things just as much as I like to help other learn new things.

    How long have you been giving training courses?
    I’ve been helping train at Riedel since late 2017

    In which languages can you give training?

    What is your favorite kind of coffee?
    I like Kenya AA coffee the best typically. The smaller the batch, the better. French Press or Pour Over

    Cat or dog?
    Dogs! My partner and I have 1 dog right now and are fostering our 3rd of, hopefully many, fosters.
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