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In this session we will look at the different products that Riedel produces, why they exist, and the kind of things that they can do. We will assume that participants know little-to-nothing about the usage of our products before the course, and hope that this will change during the session!

The session will be online, using one of the virtual demo rooms in our Wuppertal HQ.

We will cover:

  • Artist
  • Bolero
  • Mediornet
  • Mediornet IP
After registering you will receive an email with a link to the teams presentation. The email will also include some details about some software that you should download and install before the meeting to allow you to participate.

This session will start at:
  • 14:00 Central European Time (UTC+1)
  • 13:00 UK time (UTC)
  • 08:00 East Coast US time (UTC-5)


Start: 3 March 2021
End: 3 March 2021
Riedel Communications


Andy Colborn

Training Manager
Riedel Communications
Andy Colborn
  • Andy Colborn
    What do you enjoy most about training?
    Getting a question that I’ve never answered before, thinking of how to answer it, and then seeing the “lightbulb moment” as the student suddenly understands how something works
    How long have you been giving training courses?
    The first training session I gave was in a radio station in 2002 in the UK
    In which languages can you give training?
    English, French, German and bad Polish!
    What is your favourite kind of coffee?
    A strong double espresso
    Cat or dog?
    Dog. Every time.
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